Theo Hooning, Robert van Tol, Lorenzo Pollicardo, Tessa den Hartog and Mark de Jong are academically schooled professionals with extensive experience in business and association management. We excel in our dedication, integrity and commitment. That is because we are passionate about our work.

With our expertise and experience, we have been a trusted growth partner in various industries for over 10 years. Combined we have experience in the maritime, superyacht, automotive and events industries. We help rethink the most essential aspects of our client’s association. And provide the essential services to advance associations to the next level of their evolution.

Theo Hooning

Director / Founder

Theo's longstanding affair with association management kicked-off in 1992 when he started working for the RAI Association in the automotive industry. During his 14 years there, he studied association management and climbed up to the position of director of the car and truck department. He had previously studied business economics. In 2004, with this track record and a good amount of know-how in association and stakeholder management, Theo founded Hooning Association Managers. The crowning feat of arms of his career so far is the foundation of the Superyacht Builders Association (SYBAss). Under his direction, the association has played a large role in making the superyacht industry visible in order to protect its best interests when it comes to regulatory issues and carve a niche to set the industry apart from the commercial maritime sector. In 2017, together with major players from the industry, Theo launched The Superyacht Life Foundation, a non-profit organisation tasked with creating a more positive perception of superyachting to help the industry thrive.

Robert van Tol

Association Specialist

Robert's passion is uniting people and organizations to achieve things that are beyond the scope of the individual. Throughout his 9 years of experience in association management he has experienced again and again how truly working together can create very unique energy and impressive results. 1 + 1 is not just 2. The art of association management is to utilize this energy, organise the collective and maintain everyone's trust and support. It requires integrity and professionalism as well as a strategic mindset, eye for the various stakeholders and diverse interests, ability to work with multiple levels and cultures, practical thinking and strong communication skills.

Lorenzo Pollicardo

Technical Regulations Specialist

Lorenzo Pollicardo certainly knows his way around a yacht after working more than 30 years in the industry. His background in naval architecture and mechanical engineering, along with 12 years as head of the yachting department at RINA and, most recently, four years as secretary general of Nautica Italiana, make him generously qualified to monitor and influence the regulatory environment on behalf of members of the Superyacht Builders Association (SYBAss). With SYBAss being the only organisation in the superyacht industry that has earned IMO accreditation, it is the only voice of this niche market making it vitally important that it is heard.

Mark de Jong

Marketing & Communications Specialist

Mark is an online and content marketing expert with experience in national & international organisations, including nonprofit, professional bodies, primary industries & superyacht industry. Hailing from New Zealand, he specialises in digital and social media marketing. He enjoys getting stuck into problems and making stuff happen.

Tessa den Hartog

Operational Specialist

Tessa began her career in the maritime industry and was soon involved in several projects involving promotion of the industry, events, professionalism, innovation and sustainability. Key projects included compiling research on efficient online communication within an association, the development of a database of sustainable solutions for the commercial shipping sector and a promotional campaign to grow boating in The Netherlands. With her experience in association management, knowledge of the maritime industry and Bachelor's Degree in Communications, Tessa knows how to add value to a wide variety of projects.