Current Portfolio

Superyacht Builders Association (SYBAss)

SYBAss was founded in 2007 to unite the world’s leading superyacht builders in one association, emphasising the unique value these shipyards provide and enhancing cooperation between them. In 2006, Hooning Association Managers was asked by a group of leading shipyards to write the business case for a dedicated global trade association for shipyards building large yachts around the world. The association should 1) support the member shipyards in their promotional efforts, 2) represent them and the industry at large at regulatory bodies and 3) enhance the industry's level of professionalism. This resulted in the assignment for Hooning Association Managers to establish SYBAss in the Principality of Monaco and become founding secretariat. Over the past 10 years, Hooning Association Managers has provided the day-to-day management for SYBAss, whose members are responsible for 50% of the global production of yachts over 40m in length. As such, SYBAss has obtained permanent consultative status at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in London, successfully clustered its members at the four leading yacht shows around the world and published reports for strategic intelligence on the superyacht industry as well as the ultra high net worth target audience.

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The Superyacht Life

Superyacht Life is a unique collective marketing initiative in which companies from across the superyacht industry have banded together for a cost-effective and time-efficient effort. The Superyacht Life programme was initiated in 2013 as a collective marketing programme by the Superyacht Builders Association (SYBAss) aimed at Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs) who were not yet engaged in yachting. Until 2016, the programme consisted primarily of a high-end magazine about luxury which hinted at the benefits of living the superyacht lifestyle. The programme included a website and social media content. As of January 2017, the programme has been continued by The Superyacht Life Foundation, an entity separate from SYBAss and led by figures from the superyacht industry of whom four have a direct link with SYBAss. The foundation aims to create a general perception of yachting as a wholesome, family-oriented lifestyle that provides successful individuals with the freedom to travel around the world in comfort and privacy. This improved perception will facilitate the growth of the superyacht market. Hooning Association Managers has been asked to establish this foundation in the Netherlands, take on the role of the founding secretariat and to provide its day-to-day management.

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Water Revolution Foundation

Water Revolution Foundation is the first independent, international, science-driven, non-profit organisation started from within the superyacht industry that is taking the lead to neutralise its ecological footprint and preserve the world’s precious oceans. The foundation will do this by accelerating the implementation of sustainable and innovative technology in the superyacht industry. The superyacht industry is in a unique strategic position and is blessed with extraordinarily influential clients who have the ability to drive sustainability and make a truly positive impact. In order to accelerate the focus on, and adoption of, sustainable technology, Water Revolution Foundation will take a very constructive and collaborative approach. By providing the superyacht industry with tools, information, knowledge and sharing best practices, Water Revolution will be the central platform facilitating the shift towards neutralisation of our ecological footprint. While doing so, we will also activate the superyacht industry to support ocean conservation programmes and help to select the most impactful ones. Healthy oceans are not just securing the future of the yachting industry, they are vital for the planet’s well-being and everyone’s personal health. Hooning Association Managers has been asked to establish this foundation in the Netherlands, take on the role of the founding secretariat and to provide its day-to-day management.

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Previous Work

ARN - Auto Recycling Nederland

Auto Recycling Netherlands (ARN) is a subsidiary of the foundation Auto & Recycling, which is a cooperation of the four Dutch automotive trade associations, ARN executes the car recycling policy in the Netherlands. The assignment for Hooning consisted of positioning ARN as a knowledge centre in the field of recycling of industrial products; conducting a survey of the implementation of the directive end-of-life vehicles in Europe; building up of a relevant network for ARN in Europe and structuring these commercial activities within the organisation of ARN. .

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Feadship Heritage Fleet

The Feadship Heritage Fleet (FHF) is an association for the owners of classic yachts that have been built by Feadship in the Netherlands more than thirty years ago. Upon initiative of a few classic Feadship owners, FHF was set up to unite this group of passionate people, celebrate the heritage of their classic yachts and organise member events on and around their yachts. Hooning was instrumental for the foundation, structuring, and day-to-day operations of the association. Within two years membership grew to 50 classic Feadship owners around the world, multiple partnerships were established with sponsors and memorable events were organised in conjunction with the Monaco Classic Week, the Historic Grand Prix in Monaco, and through the annual Rendez-vous organised in the Netherlands, the yachts were brought back to their roots at the shipyards where they have been constructed.

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Feadship Royal Dutch Shipyards

For a long time the Juliana lock in Gouda was the limiting factor in the maximum width of yachts that the Feadship shipyards could build. With customers demanding larger yachts, Feadship had the urgent need to widen the lock. In 2005 Hooning was assigned to map out the economic impact that the Feadship shipyards, as well as other users of the lock, have in the region. This study was performed in cooperation with the VU University of Amsterdam, renowned for spatial studies. Subsequently Hooning developed the lobby strategy and performed the lobby activities at the provincial level to underline the importance of this wider lock. Succesfully, because the expanded lock is in place since 2013 and larger yachts are able to be built.

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DAF Trucks

Market structure research into used spare parts, Hooning's assignment for DAF trucks was to conduct market research and give recommendations on how DAF could make used parts of trucks an integral part of their business strategy.

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MPM International Oil

MPM International Oil is based in the Netherlands, and one of the most complete suppliers of all lubricants and liquid needs of modern worldwide car fleets with OEM approved products. MPM is active in more than 50 countries around the world with a unique product range of over 350 different lubricants and specialised liquids. For many years Hooning has provided management consultancy for MPM, including external research into market structure and market performance, renewal of the internal organisational structure, the establishment and maintenance of relationships with financial institutions, the purchase of a new office and production facilities, and lobby activities to receive the required environmental permits to be allowed to store lubricants.

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RAI Vereniging

Theo Hooning's longstanding affair with association management kicked-off in 1992 when he started working for the RAI Association (bicycle and automotive industry). During his 14 years there he studied association management and climbed up to the position of director of the car and truck department. In his role he represented the interests of Dutch manufacturers and importers of cars and trucks by means of public relations, public affairs in The Hague as well in Brussels, policy development, providing members with market intelligence, advising of members especially in the field of legal and fiscal matters, international representation of RAI in various areas for example as chairman of NAP (a foundation to fight fraud with odometers), director of ASNE (The Dutch association for electric vehicles), member of the Liaison Committee of ACEA (the Association of European Car and Truck Manufacturers) and various functions in the OICA (the worldwide organisation of automotive associations), co-organiser of the Amsterdam Motor Show and the European Road Transport Show as director of the exhibition committees.

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